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At the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos with Nel-Olivia Waga

You visited the World Economic Forum in Davos for the first time. What is the atmosphere on the ground?
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There is a very special atmosphere on the WEF. An atmosphere that I have never experienced before. In fact, for a few days, the "1% of the world's 1%" meets here to talk about the key issues of the global future. Also outside the congress center of the official World Economic Forum you will find many events on exciting personalities with a lot of content and vision. Inspiring conversations, networking at the highest level and forward-looking topics are the order of the day (and evening). The WEF Annual Meeting is an event unique in the world.


What happens in Davos at the time of the WEF?

You hardly recognize Davos again. The promenade of the Swiss village resembles an economic fair - in the snow. Local stores are vacating their venues to lure in country delegations and the world's largest corporations for a few days. These in turn host their most important guests on site in unusually small space. That's what makes Davos so exclusive again. The place as well as the guest lists are very limited. The invitations are issued according to importance and network. The Davos Promenade is next to the congress center the prominent mile of the WEF happening. The country or company that takes its place there is perceived - by the most influential people in the world. 90% of all locations as well as the hotels are only available at WEF time upon invitation of the respective organizer and for registered WEF participants. The sharp security controls at the entrances are self-explanatory.

What did your program look like?

I visited some events, customers and panels. At the Annual Welcome Cocktail by Steve Forbes at the Steigenberger Hotel Belvedere, I met interesting entrepreneurs as well as successful personalities that are known from the Forbes lists.

In the Equality Lounge, created by US entrepreneur Shelley Zalis, I met a Buddhist monk, Matthieu Ricard, who is known as "Happiest Man Alive." Another very inspiring person I talked to with was Chetna Sinha, one of the 7 (female) co-chairs at the World Economic Forum. She founded the first bank (Mann Deshi Bank) for women in India and is now working to educate disadvantaged women.

The Equality Lounge is a platform for women (and men) who host panels and lectures on world-moving issues around female empowerment and gender equality. Top managers from brands like Facebook, Uber, UBS, JP Morgan, Cartier to United Nations or World Guinness Records talked about "The Equal Future".

As the co-sponsor of this year's Equality Lounge, UBS first appeared on UBS Unique, a program based on tailor-made Holistic Wealth Management for women.

In particular, I was pleased to celebrate the 4th anniversary of my blog in Davos. To spend this day at the WEF was the highlight of my career as an entrepreneur.


What about the dress code in Davos?

Here is: less is more. In Davos, a person is judged on the content of their thoughts and visions. The outfit is secondary. Business casual is the order of the day. Despite the icy temperatures, you can better leave the fur coat at home and exchange it for the WEF for a warm business trench coat. Layering is announced. A cashmere dress with opaque tights or a pair of leather pants with blouse and wool cardigan are the right choice "for her." Birkin Bags by Hermès, Celine Belt Bags and Peekaboos by Fendi were available in all colors. In addition to documents, these also had space for the pumps that were always in the luggage to move the snowboots (a MUST) in the locations.


Many many. But above all a speech: that of the Asian businessman Jack Ma. The founder of the Internet platform Alibaba talked about success, soft skills, AI, the future of the next generation and a rethinking of education. A quota, I find particularly true and important:

"I believe if a person wants to be successful, they should have a high EQ. But if you do not want to loose, you should have a high IQ. But if you want to be respected, you must have a high LQ, the Q of Love. "

Photo Credit: Tom Oswald & World Economic Forum & Equality Lounge, The Female Quotient

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