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“Art & Joy” is the motto of the “Lujo Bodrum”, and as our visit to the newly opened five-star-hotel demonstrates, it offers way more than just that! Far away from the crowds of tourists, located in the spectacular bay of Güvercinlik near Bodrum, travellers find a luxurious refuge, which could serve as a prime example for future hotel concepts.
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Competition is fierce, but hardly any holiday region currently boasts such exciting hotel projects as the Turkish Aegean and the region surrounding the city of Bodrum. Fortunately, the new group of luxury hotels no longer has much in common with the classic all-inclusive package tours that were associated with the travel destination at the beginning of the early 1990s. The most recent example of the successful change is the showcase project “Lujo Bodrum” on the southwest coast of the country. In the heart of the bay of Güvercinlik, surrounded by a picturesque pine forest, it has recently opened its doors and turns out to be a gem for those seeking relaxation and who appreciate exclusivity and understatement. From the minimalist architecture to the impressive works of art for which a successful setting is provided - modern luxury is the credo! The ambience wants to inspire without overwhelming the eye. None of the rooms seems overloaded or pretentious, on the contrary: despite its size, the entire complex impresses with its dignified elegance down to the smallest detail. By skillfully separating the space into several areas, it is possible to satisfy even the most diverse wishes of the discerning clientele.

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Each to their own…

Around 20 different types of rooms and suites from 40 to 106 m2 are available at the “Lujo Bodrum”. The ultimate in luxury is offered by the exclusively furnished private villas ranging in sizes from 200 to 800 m2, with their own heated pool and all the other comforts you would expect from 5-star accommodation. Some of them even include access to the Lujo Edition - an even more hidden sector that also includes a separate beach, reception, gym and restaurant. Offering even more privacy that is essential for many of the international guests. That is why there are secluded rooms for romantic vacations as well as family rooms and suites that offer plenty of room for larger families. The hotel project in the popular region around Bodrum is especially recommended to them, because the “Lujo Bodrum” offers even the youngest guests a varied assortment of entertainment possibilities, as they can spend their days in the hotel’s own water park or the 4500 m2 “Kijo Kids Club”. There you will find workshops, music rooms and an in-house Lego room. As a parent, you can take advantage of the day care on offer, with a clear conscience and devote yourself entirely to yourself. By enjoying the 1km-long white sandy beach in paradise, in the modern fitness studio or in the “Sensum Spa”, where Ayurvedic and Far Eastern techniques are primarily used, for example.

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Modern luxury is the credo! The ambience wants to inspire without overwhelming the eye.

Switch off and turn on

Relaxation is thus provided for, but what can be done if you do not only want to relax, but also to be entertained and delighted? Gourmet delights can be found at the nine gourmet restaurants. Chef Mustafa Gurbuz and his team serve up groundbreaking gourmet à la carte dishes. The range extends from local, regional specialties to Asian fusion or Mediterranean delicacies. Around 14 bars round off the gastronomic offer. It’s quite understandable when some guests are drawn back to the dance floor instead of their room after one or the other of the house’s signature cocktails. The “Indigo Night Club”, which is an institution on the peninsula, turns day into night. Which of the extensive offers one ultimately devotes oneself to is up to you. Individuality takes precedence - this also by definition the ‘new luxury’ and is included here at the “Lujo Bodrum” as a completely self-evident part of  the service.

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