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The Most Beautiful Side Of Italy

You don’t have to be an expert on Italy to know that our neighbour has dream locations on offer that have nothing in common with the usual touristic image that comes to mind when thinking of the upper Adriatic. The Apulia region is one of these dream locations. Here, the “Borgo Egnazia” hideaway awaits luxury enthusiasts.
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Relaxing by the pool as if it were at your own home – only more luxurious.

Those who have not yet been to the south of Italy are aware only of a limited part of the incomprehensible beauty that it has to offer. Puglia is a place of longing and a jewel for travelers, all in one location. When you visit this area of Italy for the first time, you will know immediately, that this will not be your last visit here.



Those traveling to the south of Italy are not looking for long party nights or luxury shopping opportunities. Choosing Puglia as your vacation destination means that you are much more likely to be looking for a different kind of luxury: a luxury that stands for authenticity, joie de vivre, Mediterranean delicacies, and above all, for renowned Italian hospitality. The fact that this part of Italy has been largely spared from mass tourism is the reason for the friendliness of its people and their honest, heartfelt interest in their guests. This is particularly evident at “Borgo Egnazia” a hideaway located in Savelletri di Fasano.

Nestled in the Itria Valley, whose hills gently slope down all the way to the Adriatic Sea, the multi-award-winning hotel, which is among the best in the world, offers its guests incomparable service, an impressive atmosphere, and exhilarating architecture.

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Luxurious cosiness is the term to use to best describe the interior furnishings of the hotel. Those strolling through the hotel grounds will feel like they are in an original Apulian village. Dishes served at the restaurant “La Frasca”, are a tribute to its regional cuisine.

Authenticity and Aspiration

Most visitors will answer this question with ease and with a longing gaze. Their answer will entail the terms “authenticity” and “highest standards” and how these two complement each other at this destination. “Borgo Egnazia” offers a very special flair that can be attributed to its architecture, kept in line with the region’s original architectural style. On a walk through the property, guests will be able to marvel at the beauty of the Apulian landscape and the regional architecture. The originality in “Borgo Egnazia” has been expanded to include some very special amenities. This luxury retreat’s fantastically equipped rooms, its remarkable spa area, and the lovingly furnished restaurants and bars will meet the demands of the most pampered guests. Inclusive of a lack of the usual, mask-like friendliness typical within the hospitality industry of today, but with honest, warm hospitality. Speaking of restaurants, whether you are looking for down-to-earth or upscale cuisine, at “Borgo Egnazia”, your taste buds will experience high quality, Mediterranean delights inclusive of fresh ingredients. The water, by the way, is not typical for the northern Adriatic: crystal clear, with turquoise tones and, weather permitting, demonstrating its ocean wildness with its impressive waves. Views of its coastal landscape are embedded in what are perhaps the most beautiful olive groves in the country.

Apulia Experience

Even if you will never want to leave “Borgo Egnazia” visitors are encouraged to extensively explore its impressive surroundings, like the Trulli in Alberobello. This summer it’s not only high luxury “Borgo Egnazia” is offering they also ensure the highest safety standards in terms of health security. That means respect for distances, the whole staff is trained to follow the WHO-directives, a doctor will always be available, they double the sanitation frequency of the filters in the air-conditioners and they provide hand-sanitizing gel, masks, and gloves for every guest

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Pictures: Borgo Egnazia


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