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Kadeau restaurant, Bornholm - a “must” Danish gourmet travel destination

Last years Scandinavian cuisine has always been one of the trendiest ones and Denmark became a magnet for all gastronomic travellers. However, there is not only Copenhagen to “taste”: today we port you to the island of Bornholm, where restaurant Kadeau becomes a true treasure for which you should plan a trip to.
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Photo Credit: Marie Louise Munkegaard

To begin with, Kadeau is, honestly, not one but two restaurants in Denmark: 2 Michelin starred venue is located in Copenhagen and another one in the island of Bornholm ( with 1 Michelin star). But these two are completely different.

If the first one is about sophisticated experience in the city center, Kadeau in Bornholm is the proposal for those who seek to escape from annoying reality, who is looking for intimacy and non banal Danish sceneries and nature, the way it is.


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Photo Credit: Marie Louise Munkegaard

In order to arrive at Kadeau restaurant in Bornholm, one is better to prepare for a full gastronomic trip - 35 minute flight ports you in an amazingly “true” Danish habitat, and it merits to be fully “lived”, without hurry. There are not so many tourists, no crowded streets, cars and rumours - here you see the quiet life of Denmark blended with a quite touchable sense of “hygge” in the air. Unspoiled nature, relaxing seaside, breathtaking landscapes, modest luxury and hospitality of Bornholm, together with high- end cuisine of Kadeau could be a nice idea to spend a weekend discovering authentic Denmark.


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Photo Credit: Marie Louise Munkegaard

As a restaurant, Kadeau’s manifesto is as follows: nature is the backbone. Restaurant cares for the traditions, yet strives to renew. The cuisine of the chef Nicolai Norregaard is regional, yet inspired by the whole world. During the growing season, the team works intensively with nature’s changing supply, preserving as much as possible in the process: Kadeau preserves the natural ingredients of Bornholm, permitting it to serve up a tiny bit of the Bornholm nature on the plates all year round. Kadeau’s team constantly explores and develops their base of ingredients and techniques, in their storeroom as well as in the restaurant. They also cultivate their own herbs, vegetables, fruits, and berries, and collaborate closely with the local suppliers. So, cuisine here becomes a storytelling about Bornholm, its tastes and territory.

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Photo Credit: Marie Louise Munkegaard

As a consequence, the menu changes not only based on the season - but mostly coming from what nature has to offer in this particular moment, and then Nicolai comes up with ideas how to serve it in a more creative, unexpectable and curious way. That makes gastronomic experience in Kadeau restaurant a playful exploration moment.

Also, following the rhythm of the year and the cycle of the seasons, restaurant Kadeau is opened from March-April till the end of September, when the climate situation permits the guests to enjoy Bornholm in its melancholic splendor and nature is mostly generous in these lands.

“We grow, harvest, preserve, serve, and love, Bornholm,” - this is how the team of Kadeau encloses the meaning and the mission of their work in a few words. Honestly? Here it is fair to confess that Kadeau is much more than a restaurant; it is an ambassador of the non-touristy island of Bornholm and its charming Scandinavian beauty and tastes which are waiting for you to be discovered.

Aline Borghese



The author Aline Borghese is an international journalist and critic of haute cuisine.

She is a graduate of the culinary schools of the Ritz Escoffier, Ecole de cuisine Alain Ducasse, La Cucina Italiana. Champagne and wine sommelier, cocktail enthusiast, gastronomic consultant and simply Bohémienne Affamée.

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