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Fashion Stops with Yasya Minochkina

If you are looking for hip gourmet hotspots, you should study this list more closely. In each issue, industry insiders reveal their gastronomic tips. The latest: Designer Yasya Minochkina, who suggests sophisticated “it” places all over the world.
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The right instinct for unique moments: Yasya Minochkina is already well versed in the world of luxury due to her profession as a designer for exclusive evening and occasional fashion. In an exclusive interview with L’Officiel, she reveals the right places to wear her exquisite and often lavishly embroidered creations.

Hotel Baccarat, New York

“One of my absolute favourite hotels,” enthuses the Kiev-born designer, who now calls Monaco her home. “I love the atmosphere and the design - the lobby bar is simply fantastic. During New York Fashion Week, I regularly come for breakfast or invite guests for tea or a glass of champagne - which is of course served in Baccarat glasses!”

Soho House, New York

This legendary hotspot has also made it into the favourites of Minochkina. which is hardly surprising. After all the hotel with its rooftop pool is “a meeting point for the fashion scene from all over the world”. The menu is also inspiring: “Especially the bowl with acai berries is fantastic!”

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Hotel Baccarat, New York

Hotel Costes, Paris

Besides the hotel, it is mainly the restaurant and the terrace that appealed to the designer. “During Fashion Week it‘s almost impossible to get a table, but if you manage to get one, you‘ll be dining in the company of the fashion elite and you‘re sure to meet one or two celebrities!”

L’Avenue, Paris

Another name to remember and a fixed point on the programme during each stay is the legendary café “L‘Avenue” on Avenue Montaigne. Minochkina especially recommends the vanilla eclairs here - “my absolute favourite dessert!"

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L’Avenue, Paris

Cristal Room, Paris

The restaurant in the eleventh arrondissement is also part of Baccarat and is already a visual delight: “I am an aesthete and love the exclusive tableware and glasses in which the delicacies are served here!” 

Restaurant Girafe, Paris

The name suggests it: “The view from the roof terrace is incredible”. In other respects, too, there are only words of praise for the noble ambience and the successful interior in Art Deco style. In terms of culinary delights, Yasya Minochkina particularly recommends the seafood.

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Cristal Room, Paris

Annabel’s, London

Not many words need to be said about the legendary nightclub, which has been owned by entrepreneur Richard Caring since 2007 - even in luxurious London you can‘t celebrate more exclusively. “I‘m not a big fan of alcohol, but I can recommend the Virgin Mojitos to everyone,” says the designer.

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Annabel’s, London

Photos: L’Avenue Paris, Baccarat Hotel, Annabel’s, Baccarat Hotel New York



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