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Chanel is going to make wine

Wine lovers know: Chanel is not only involved in couture and ready-to-wear, but also with wine from the region par excellence of the rosé wines.
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In October 2019, the luxury brand bought the Domaine de l'Ile wine estate on the island of Porquerolles in the south of France. Now Chanel launches that year's vintage: a white wine and a rosé wine.

The wines have been elaborated under the supervision of Nicolas Audebert , responsible for the wine departments of Chanel at Château Rauzan-Ségla in Margaux and Châteaux Canon and Berliquet in Saint-Emilion. The wine expert grew up on the enchanting island of Porquerolles: “I am very happy that such a project was entrusted to me. The rocks, the salty tension, the freshness of the sea, the Mediterranean dew brushed by the mistral, the symbiosis between the vineyard and the vegetation of the island. The environment, the Domaine de l'Ile is unique and its history is extraordinary. ”

1592320476477871 portrait de nicolas audebert directeur g n ral brice braastad episode ii
© Chanel
1592320476937278 calanques de l ile de porquerolles brice braastad episode ii
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1592320477624110 pied de vigne du domaine de l ile brice braastad episode ii
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The Domaine is located on the plain of Notre-Dame and Brégançonnet, in a secluded part of the island where the vines and olive trees are protected from the salty air of the sea. Bathed in light, drops of dew remain on the trees after the cool nights. The carefully selected traditional Mediterranean grape varieties bear the characteristic of the unique southern character.

The flavors that come with the wines will therefore not disappoint.


The first notes of barley sugar are seductive, a delicacy balanced by the crystal clear tone that brightens up the blend. A juicy, thirst-quenching melon hint, picked from the tree along with fresh fruit . The aroma is enriching and enhanced with delicate and misty notes of white flowers . In the mouth, the wine reveals its fullness and its salinity. This is an airy, lively rosé that evokes the light and serenity of the island.

1592320478174653 bouteille de ros du domaine de l ile au large de porquerolles brice braastad episode ii
© Chanel


This is a remarkable wine where you imagine yourself in two different worlds of taste. First, there is a durable, juicy, perfectly ripe white fruit flavor . Then a floral nuance that makes us dream away to summer conifers, with a variety of nuts. The impression is fresh, between mint and eucalyptus. In the mouth, the wine is rich , with a full, almost creamy texture, refreshed by the influence of the maritime landscape.

1592320478551499 bouteille de blanc du domaine de l ile au large de porquerolles 2 brice braastad episode ii
© Chanel


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