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5 to watch: young and promising Parisian chefs you must know

They are young, charismatic and, first of all, talented. They are brave and creative, their ideas are fresh and innovative. They are - the “Nouvelle Vague” of the Parisian Fine Dining scene. Who are they, these 5 chefs from “La Ville Lumiere”? And why should we have an eye on them and their restaurants?
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Photo Credit: Le Meurice

Guillaume Sanchez (Restaurant Neso)

“Enfant terrible”, Guillaume is only 30 years old but already has become a figure who is always been talked about: negatively or positively, whatever, but Sanchez is a nonsense with his own vision and bright identity.

Since having studied also the pastry art, Guillaume offers truly elaborated dishes with perfect presentations, inside of which immense research of new techniques, fermentations and unusual products are kept. His restaurant - Neso, as he, Guilaume himself, is not afraid of barely anything: here you come to be surprised, simply trusting the chef and the moment. Neso is well-known for its mainly fish and sea-product based cuisine, served in a contemporary way.

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Photo Credit: Rémi Issaly

Amaury Bouhours (Restaurant Alain Ducasse au Le Meurice)

Recently, Alain Ducasse’s legendary restaurant inside the hotel Le Meurice has been “reborn”: young chef Amaury Bouhours has replaced at his place the previous chef - Jocelyn Herland and now is the head of the kitchens. Together with pastry chef - Cedric Grolet and their young teams, they are establishing a new perspective of Monsieur Ducasse’s restaurant, giving it a new breath: more subtle, more spontaneously free, light and even more sustainable and “French” with the usage of nearly 95% of the ingredients from the country’s territory. Amaury tries to add his personal touch to the menu with such dishes as barely cooked Noirmoutier sea bream, beetroot, smoked yogurt; crispy blue lobster, fennel, quince, or even roasted Culoiseau chicken, carrot, pollen, shiso. His cuisine points to be local, true to itself and - memorable.

1602925384536418 amaury bouhours
Photo Credit: Le Meurice

Matthias Marc (Restaurant Substance)

After working at such great and notable restaurants as Racines des Prés, Saint James, Le Meurice and Lasserre, at only 26 years old, Matthias is already a chef and co-owner of the Substance restaurant located in the prestigious 16th arrondissement of Paris! He is a true “breakthrough” in the Parisian culinary world: no one is as young and talented at the same time as him! As a consequence, chef Marc continuously surprises Parisian gourmets: with each new dish in the menu his cuisine becomes even more and more curious, elaborated and thoughtful as his researches and experiments go always forward. Substance’s strong points are the focus on Fine Dining cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere with the outstanding wine card and reasonable prices.

1602925549277702 portrait matthias marc
Photo Credit: Restaurant Substance

Atsushi Tanaka (Restaurant A.T.)

Japanese young chef, emigrated from his home country to France, led by the immense desire to learn the art of cooking, Atsushi has gained his experience with such French maitres as Pierre Gagnaire. After the years, now he owns a small restaurant A.T. - a true stronghold of Frenchy-Kaiseki cuisine. His creations are as beautiful as the uncontaminated beauty of Japan: tender, fragile, spiritual. Precision, rigor and aim to reach perfection also remind us about his homeland, while the elegance, finesse of taste and not pompous sophistication this is all that Atsushi owes to the French culinary heritage.

Photo Credit: Nicolas Bouisson

Erwan Ledru & Kevin de Porre (Restaurant Contraste)

The case of when 2 is better than 1. Chef Kevin de Porre has worked at such 3 Michelin starred restaurants as Kei and Plaza Athénée, and as well in the kitchens of Shangri-La Paris. Born in the Pyrénées-Orientales, his cuisine echoes the countryside and his land’s heritage.

Erwan Ledru, childhood friend of Kevin de Porre, has passed through such restaurants as Arnaud Nicolas, Le Meurice, Lasserre or Le Rech. For his part, Erwan is from Brittany and honors sustainable fishing and products from his region. While one is passionate about innovations and new tastes research; another is fancy about mastering to perfection and sublimating gastronomic techniques. Like this, these two contrasting characters took charge of the restaurant together and create a new memorable Fine Dining proposal.


All in all, these 5+1, actually, chefs are the future of the Parisian culinary scene. And the future is evidentially bright, isn’t it?

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Photo Credit: Restaurant Contraste
Aline Borghese


The author Aline Borghese is an international journalist and critic of haute cuisine.

She graduated from the culinary schools of the Ritz Escoffier, Ecole de cuisine Alain Ducasse, La Cucina Italiana. Champagne and wine sommelier, cocktail enthusiast, gastronomic consultant and simply Bohémienne Affamée.



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