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Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and Lili Reinhart will soon be in the cinema

According to "Deadline", seven of the most bankable actresses of the moment will be reunited in the cinema in one and the same film: "Hustler." Carton in sight.
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Cardi B , Lili Reinhart ( Riverdale ), Keke Palmer , Julia Stiles ( Ten good reasons to drop you ), Constance Wu ( Crazy Rich Asians ), Jennifer Lopez and Mercedes Ruehl ( Big ) ... The least we can say, c is that the cast of Hustlers sends heavy. The story ? Former employees of a strip club will make every effort to take revenge on their Wall Street customers. Inspired by an article by Jessica Pressler in The Cut ( New York Magazine , 2015), the film directed by Lorene Scafaria features a five-star cast and a "group of dynamic women" with whom the director is delighted to work: " We are grateful to have assembled such a powerful cast and look forward to starting shooting at the end of the week. "The shooting will begin on March 22nd.

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