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Life Ball 2019: The Night in Pictures

After more than 26 years the AIDS Charity Event LIFEBALL came to an glamorous end.  The austrian capital of Vienna bid farewell last saturday at the city's town hall for the last time. 

The Life Ball became international known for their extravagant costumes, high fashion brands and celebrity guests. 

Here are our best images of one the most creative and colorful events in austria.


Photographs by Patrick Domingo

1560373921239198 riccardo simonetti1560374227517735 lifeball 2019 2
1560374072023722 alfons haider 1560374218989535 nadine mirada
1560374233955306 lifeball 20191560374238407976 lifeball 2019
Photos by Patrick Domingo
1560372730108978 amanda lepore1560372720386253 carmen carrera
1560374826638206 yasmine petty1560374831756403 backstage at lifeball 2019
1560374840453230 debra shaw
Photos by Patrick Domingo

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