#TalkingWith Vera Arrivabene

Beautiful and elegant, the Venetian It-girl takes us into her world and that of Max Mara's 2020 Resort.
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Vera Arrivabene is the younger sister and partner of Viola and with her shares, in addition to the brand of furlane ViBi Venezia, also the great passion for the world of fashion. She attended the Max Mara Resort 2020 Fashion Show in Berlin and shared his thoughts on the collection and the city in this interview.

Do you influence each other in your personal style?
We have very different styles, but I think we indirectly influence the pieces we choose for the season.

Which outfit of Max Mara's resort would you choose for a trip with friends?

The oversized sweater with silver pleated skirt, a dream because it is easy and elegant at the same time, comfortable, beautiful and chic. I also loved the suits because they make you feel in order but at the same time you can play it down with apparently opposite accessories.

Max Mara Resort 2020

What accessory would you choose from those seen on the Max Mara catwalk?

The belt, but I would be undecisive about the color, they are all beautiful. I already see myself with a pair of high-waisted jeans, a T-shirt and a belt from the Resort 2020. And certainly the maxi necklaces I wear for the photo shoot.

Max Mara Resort 2020

How would you mix the Resort 20 to perfectly adapt your tastes?

I would mix the looks with a T-shirt and the ViBi Venezia feet (Le gym), I think I could wear them all, they are perfect for me. The pink jacket and pants suit, for example, worn with a white or colored striped shirt and a pair of sneakers.

What do you share as a character?

We are awake, calm and kind-hearted but for everything else we are totally different.

What does Berlin represent for you?

I have been little, but there is a very lively air.

The best memory in Berlin?

I was only once, for the Max Mara Resort 2020 Fashion Show, so for the moment it is Max Mara and L’Officiel in the first place!

Vera Arrivabene trägt den legendären Max Mara Teddy-Mantel, in einer edlen Version mit Lurex-Einsätzen.

Der Smokingsmantel, der mit den Silberschmuck von Reema Pachachi getragen wird, unterstreicht die natürliche Schönheit der jungen Aristokratin.

Die beiden Schwestern in einem eleganten Look, komplett in Weiß gehalten.

Photographer : Dennis Schoenberg

Talents : Vera Arrivabene

Moviemakers: Jessi and Daniel

Stylist and creative direction: Allegra Benini e Bodo Ernie

Hair : Noriko Takayama

INSTAGRAM : Noricohair

Make up: Natalia Vermeer

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