#TalkingWith Gala Gonzalez

Interview with one of the Spanish style icons.
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Gala Gonzalez, 33, is a world-renowned Spanish influencer. It stands out for its simple but always elegant style, a spontaneous smile and a great desire to live.In Berlin for Max Mara's Resort 2020 he explored the city, which he loves, he attended the fashion show and had fun on the set of the photo shoot made with LʻOfficiel Italia.

3 words to describe your style
Elegant, eclectic, natural.

Without what could you not live?
Surely the chocolate!

What would you never wear?
The fluorescent colors! Not because I don't like them but because I don't think they match my style.

What would you wear for an appointment?
I would choose a beige coat with a pair of matching pants because it's a statement look and I like to wear pants.

What is the look that impressed you most during the show?
I would say the output is totally white but in reality I am obsessed with the red look I also wear in the photo shoot.

The accessory you loved of Max Mara's 2020 Resort?
It is not a real accessory but I really appreciated the flowers that have been embroidered on some of the items in the collection.

How would you mix your favorite Berlin show looks?
I would combine the white suit with a red sweater to break, they are two classic and elegant colors, always perfect.

Max Mara Resort 2020

Max Mara Resort 2020

What does Berlin represent for you?
It reminds me of London, where I lived for 13 years. In Berlin there is an air of freedom and creativity, it has a complex past, a fascinating history and is culturally very alive. Berlin reminds me of how much I love being European and having to have an open mind vision towards fashion.

What is your most beautiful memory of this city?
I like coming here in the summer, the city changes a lot from one season to another.

Gala Gonzalez trägt einen langen, bestickten Rock mit einem Rollkragenpullover und einem Gürtel.

Gala trägt einen eleganten, handgearbeiteten Kaschmir-Umhang und passende Palazzo-Pants.

Die Kunst liegt im Detail: Die floralen Applikationen würden von der Porzellanmanufaktur Meissen inspiriert und schmücken den "Berlin Coat".



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