New Cartier Santos Men Sunglasses That Will Change Your Life

Ever since we got out of our apartments to sunny spring streets, not only our mouth and nose need protection, but so do our eyes. On this occasion, Cartier has made a collection of sunglasses that speak for themselves.
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Most of the people usually complaining about how hard it is to find the second half. But they truly forget that it is much harder to find eyewear that will sunglass-ed you perfectly. If you are waking up in the morning with a thought: "Oh, I feel like a confident and determined man today", then "Santos de Cartier" sunglasses collection was made exactly for you.

A perfect combination of lines is creating a balanced form, which (speaking without any flatter) is really going to complement any head shape. We are even on our way to consider the theory that aviator shape sunglasses are a direct connection with a cool-guy-attitude. Let's just remember all old movies with quite spectacular scenes, where a man in aviators makes you fall in love with him. Even through the blue screen. Even after 70 years. 

This season Cartier has decided to play with a classic shape a little bit and has added their distinctive mark. Moreover, the angular cut of the lenses is another reminiscence of the legendary "Santos" watch model. Undoubtedly, this duo does not just speak louder than words, but it screams charisma. The screws, inspired by aircraft rivets, decorate the brow arch, the nose bridge, and the hinges of the sunglasses.


A selection consists of three models in life-changing shapes. More on:


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