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What are the best dietary supplements to fight against water retention?

The swimsuit season is fast approaching. But do not panic, we give you all the tips for having gazelle legs this summer.
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Summer is coming, it's no longer a secret, and with it your desire to get in shape too. Water retention is a plague that affects all women. Often caused by a sedentary lifestyle and an unbalanced diet, the first heat aggravates the feeling of heavy leg and swelling.

First of all, it is important to remember that a diet too salty is one of the main causes of water retention. It is, therefore, necessary to reduce (or remove) the salt from your diet before undertaking anything. Then, it's time to make good habits. Bet on a healthy diet, rich in vegetables (which provide fiber and minerals), pair the diet with regular physical activity (we recommend swimming, ideal for draining the legs).

To give a boost to your summer body, nothing better than dietary supplements. We choose 100% natural and derived from plant-active ingredients. From the miracle effects of green tea to the diuretic effects of birch, you are told all about the best supplements.

Green tea - the miracle superfood

Universally recognized as an elixir with a thousand benefits, green tea is your anti-cellulite ally. Antioxidant, it helps the concentration and stimulates the metabolism. It is also a powerful draining. It is advisable to drink at least 3 cups (no sugar) a day to see convincing results. You can also buy food supplements with green tea, which are much less demanding.

Birch, your unsuspected ally

Star diuretics, birch leaves stand out with a high content of potassium and flavonoid. Birch facilitates the elimination of liquids stored in the body without loss of minerals. We advise you an absorption in herbal tea or capsule.


Dandelion is one of the most draining plants in nature. The leaves and roots have properties that stimulate renal, hepatic and biliary activity. To take in herbal tea or capsules. It is also a real ally for your liver, allowing it to purify itself and clean itself after a little rich period.

The detox cure Atelier Nubio

Atelier Nubio offers cures based on fresh fruit juice and cold pressed fruit. Presented as a refurbishment of the body, this cure allows to resume eliminating the excesses of winter and to leave on a healthy basis, ideal to begin a summer fitness.

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