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Starting the New Year Well-Planned: 5 Calendars That Plan More Than Just Appointments

After a year that resembled a roller coaster ride, we're getting ready for an indeterminate New Year. We selected 5 calendars that can help you to reduce stress, overcome anxiety and understand your emotions.
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If this year has taught us anything, it's to slow down and listen to how we really feel. Writing down our thoughts, feelings, and plans can help us deal with them and keep a clear head. This can be similar to writing in a journal and noting what is happening in life, but it can also mean letting go of what is going on in our minds and relieving stress.


Journaling can help us understand our desires, priorities, and concerns. Several studies show that writing down thoughts can increase our well-being and happiness. It doesn't even have to be long texts or journal entries. Just short sentences or just a few words can greatly improve our mental as well as physical well-being.


If journaling is new to you or you need a new incentive, you came to the right place: We curated five calendars that can do more than just schedule your appointments. Some help you reach new goals, or others that help you understand yourself a little better every day and become the best version of yourself.

The Be more with less calendar from Edition Julie Joliat is your guide to sustainability. 
Each week focuses on a project to live more sustainably. The weekly challenges are supported by a mix of beautifully illustrated facts, recipes, quotes, and informative text. 

Stress less is your personal stress manager in paper format. CGD London's calendar offers cognitive exercises, daily routines, space for emotions and thoughts, and tips and tricks to stay calm in stressful situations. With the Mood Map, you can understand your emotions more easily, and the Calm down Checklist is a great help to escape the thought carousel of anxiety attacks.

Start and end your day with positive intentions with the 192 pages of wellness, self-care, intentions calendar from Papier. 12 weekly pages provide space for daily intentions, sleep habits, meal planning, and gratitude. A great companion for 2021 to work through thoughts and fears from the past year and not let new ones arise.

If you need more space to write freely, reach for the calendar from Rifle Paper Co. A simple planner with a beautiful botanical design. Inside the 17-month long planner, you'll find weekly views, inspirational quotes, sections for celebrations, notes, contacts, and additional botanical sticky-notes. The beautiful illustrations run throughout the calendar and beautify planning and writing.

All you design lovers out there will love this one: bando's calendars are designed by artists from around the world. The illustrations, collages, patterns, and fonts create a unique journaling experience. The annual Wellness Planner, in particular, is full of illustrated info, tips, pull-out cards, and more. Topics include self-care, intentions, physical health, and nutrition—a holistic approach to putting your body and mind in a positive mindset every day.

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