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From CBD to CBN - What You Need to Know About the New Fascinating Cannabinoid

How cannabis can improve your sleep, cramps and mental health and why CBN is supposed to be better than everything else
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As a result of rising anxiety and unstable mental health, the market for relaxation and mood manipulators is growing - from meditation apps to personalized vitamin mixes to cannabis and psychedelics. According to WGSN, about 20% of all 18- to 34-year-olds in London are said to turn to psychedelics to improve their mental health in lockdown.


Cannabis has long ceased to be a taboo subject. On the contrary, the non-psychedelic ingredient CBD, extracted from the cannabis plant, has become a trend. CBD has a calming effect on the body and soul and can be taken in the form of a pill or even included as an oil in your salad dressing. The reputation of cannabis has improved drastically due to the positive opinions on CBD. The cannabinoid is said to help with anxiety attacks, sleep disorders, or severe stress, among other things. Now a new active ingredient is coming to light.

For a long time, the lesser-known cannabinoid CBN was thought to be a waste product of the cannabis plant, unlike THC and CBD. The new compound CBN is said to have a stronger sedative effect than CBD, which will be especially important in post-pandemic times. When 'covid-sommnia' and mental instability become the norm, we seek help. Most cannabinoids interact with receptors linked to our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This gives the possibility that CBN can have several positive effects on our bodies and minds. CBD and CBN are similar compounds; however, CBD affects our ECS through several different receptors, while CBN takes a more direct route, affecting us stronger.

In fact, CBD is more like THC than CBD - but you won't get high from it. To obtain CBN, THC-A must oxidize, but it ultimately remains a non-psychedelic compound. According to Steep Hill Global, one of the world's largest cannabis research facilities, CBN is said to have a stronger sedative effect than other cannabinoids despite a lower necessary dosage. The effects are said to last 5 to 6 hours and, among other things, significantly prolong and improve sleep. CBN is also said to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antispasmodic properties.


While the extraction and processing of cannabinoids are still in their infancy, it is expected that we will rely on non-pharmaceutical aids to improve our mental and physical health in post-pandemic times.



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