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Where to taste the best sushi in Saint-Tropez?

Tucked away out of sight on the edge of the pier, Kinugawa delights lovers of Japanese gastronomy passing through Saint-Tropez.
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We knew the Parisian addresses of Kinugawa, sure Japanese bets and nerve centers for business lunches in all of Paris.

What holidaymakers on the French Riviera know less is that it is possible to prolong the pleasure in Saint Tropez, where the Blackcode group recently inaugurated a fifth restaurant after having successfully entered Paris, Saint-Barthélemy and Casablanca.

How is it? You reach this intimate restaurant after passing the port of Saint-Tropez, its row of megayachts, and its tourist-trap terraces. Lurking a few meters from the jetty in the Pourtalet tower, the Tropézienne branch of Kinugawa offers a magical view of the sea, a thousand miles from the rowdy and noisy restaurants of the city center. An exceptional setting that has to be paid for in cash: apart from the appetites of birds, we rarely get by for less than 100 euros per person.

What do we order? After having climbed the few steps that separate us from this luxury izakaya perched and exposed to the four winds, we taste the classics that have made the reputation of Kinugawa: excellent sushi (starting with the Maguro No Aburi of semi-cooked tuna and yuzu sauce, as well as the unagi of grilled eel to die for) but not only.

Special mention to Shake No Taruto (Sliced tuna on a crunchy pancake, tarama with white truffle, yuzukosho sauce), succulent Yellow Tail carpaccio with yuzu sauce, green chili and cilantro, not to mention the grilled black cod and marinated in miso sauce, an almost addictive delight that you sprinkle copiously with the excellent sake of the house.

The perfect conclusion to this Japanese feast? Aloe vera, aerial dessert, and ideal parade in the scorching heat.


Tour du Pourtalet - La Jetée - 83990 Saint-Tropez


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