Why Do We Love Carolyn-Bessette Kennedy?

The nineties are extremely popular today. We dress like the idols of our childhood, stare at our parents' wardrobe and remember all the icons of that style. One of them is the incomparable Carolyn Bessett-Kennedy.
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The Kennedy family knew a lot about fashion. Jacqueline Kennedy and her sister-in-law, Carolyn Besset, had a huge impact on the industry in their time. A crowd of fans among ordinary citizens and eminent fashion designers closely watched each exit of both, whether it was a simple walk or a social event. Carolyn was a very private person, at one time her husband, John F. Kennedy Jr., made a statement to the paparazzi to grant the right to privacy. Obsessive photographers now and then pursued her after her conversion, however, let's be honest, without them the world would not have seen so many images of Carolyn, which can rightly be called a style guide.

The main characteristic of Bessette's style is minimalism. She always remained faithful to him, even at her own wedding. Carolyn got married in the most iconic dress of the 90s - the combination. It was created by the then unknown designer Narciso Rodriguez, and the next morning after his marriage, the fashion designer woke up famous. A pearl silk crepe dress with Manolo Blahnik gloves and sandals and a sheer veil.


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For social events: film premieres or accompanying spouse Carolyn also chose brevity. Each of her looks was not about pomp and deliberate wealth, but rather about form and silhouette, as designer Gabriela Hirst said. In 1999, at the Museum of American Art's annual fundraising event, Whitney Bessette was able to adhere to the dress code by wearing an oversized white Yohji Yamamoto Homme shirt and a black maxi-length skirt from the same designer's women's line. Most likely, this outfit was the inspiration for pregnant Meghan Markle for the Endeavor Fund Awards 2019.


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Carolyn Bessette had her own wardrobe highlights that made her style recognizable from the rest. For example, her favorite flip flops or open sandals with thick heels and thin straps. She wore them with straight jeans or with a formal dress.


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What Carolyn's style will forever be associated with is her love for headwear, or more precisely, for turtle headbands and colored bandanas. She preferred to wear them with oval-framed sunglasses. And also on the arm with her husband, who also loved various headbands. Double dressing in action!


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Bessette's favorite color is black. She not only skillfully mixed it with beige or gray shades, but also preferred total black. This color looks completely different on her. Maybe it's the contrast to her blonde hair, but black has never been more luxurious. And the most famous and iconic outfits of Carolyn are just using black.

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Having seen hundreds of photos of Bessette, I certainly want to dress in her style. To do this, be sure to grab your favorite bezel and sunglasses combination. Carolyn was also very fond of men's jackets and coats. Complete your outfit with straight blue jeans and wear chunky mules.

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Valentino Jacket

Denim x Alexander Wang Jeans

Top Jil Sander

Fendi headband

Mules Bottega Veneta

Celine Eyewear glasses


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