Saint Laurent exhibits works by Indigo Lewin in Paris and Los Angeles

Indigo offers us a glimpse into her world, full of tenderness and humanity, straight from Saint Laurent stores
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Located at 213, rue saint Honoré 75001 Paris, and extended at 469 Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles, Rive Droite - as a tribute to the Saint Laurent Rive Gauche line, which helped democratize fashion and luxury in the 1960s - is a creative destination. Curated by Anthony Vaccarello, creative director of the French brand. The space presents a new retail destination for expression, exchange, and lifestyle.

The extensive and diversified offers from different creative and design fields are imagined and embraced in new ways to expand the universe and DNA of Saint Laurent. With that in mind, they have just launched FANZINE: a magazine, but more concretely a platform through which exciting and promising creatives can express their work and talent.

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The first guest editor is the English artist and photographer Indigo Lewin, who curated the first issue with an exclusive selection of images from his archive. Born and raised in London, his works are a true representation of the world he sees around him. Curiosity and fascination for intimacy, the body, youth and friendship are what guide her work and what emanates from Indigo's photographs are moving revelations of the incredible beauty behind moments shared between people.

By using his inner circle of friends as the subject of his photographs, the artist is able to explore this concept in an especially natural and authentic way, reminding us of the fragility behind these personal and precious moments in life that are so fleeting.

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In the first issue of FANZINE, Indigo's images accompany her writing and personal notes. It is an invitation to connect with him, as if we were reading intimate entries from his private diary.

An exhibition of Indigo's work is already on display for a limited time at Saint Laurent Rive Droite Paris and Los Angeles.

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