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So, kids, let's fantasise a little bit: early morning, fresh cold air, bright sun rays shining through glass, spicy ginger smell, loud crowd making a lot of hand gestures and indecent amount of turkish sweets. Yes, we are definitely feeling a romantically-poetic vibe after Maryling's Fall-Winter collection, inspired by "Grand Bazaar Hideaway", which brings us in bazaars of Istanbul whose microcosms of history, culture and craftsmanship transcend centuries of evolution.
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The creative heart of the collection is the work of Jean-Michel Coulon, a twentieth-century French painter capable of exploring color and texture. In particular, his monochromatic block prints similar to landscapes present a unique connection with the light and colors of large Turkish bazaars, ideally becoming the starting point of a collection that stands out for its personal use of unique and distinctive colors and textures. The result is a prêt-à-porter collection dedicated to enhancing authentic, natural and creative femininity that possesses the Maryling spirit.

Hand-painted ceramics, printed fabrics, and Kilim rugs: an intense and profound vision is at the basis of the motifs and prints that guide the collection. The strengths are references to the powerful attraction of the oldest trades and the textures of rugs and fabrics whose power also unfolds in the present and reveals references and motifs with a strong creative influence. Free reign is given to paisley prints and Arab-inspired graphics combined with design elements alongside winter textures — mohair and wool, first and foremost — which are used to create intensely tactile garments able to protect against the coldest temperatures.

By combining knitwear, dresses, and trousers, the collection amplifies the sleek lines and clean shapes of its looks. The all-over patchwork print silk dresses are inspired by the liveliness of the bazaars, and there are also light wool skirts along with textured boiled wool coats and oversized cocoon coats that delicately envelop the body. The color palette reflects nature in its warmest and most vibrant essence, indulging in shades of dark rose, camel, winter blues, shearling cream, and lipstick red. Between patterns and prints, motifs and graphic elements, Maryling designs the perfect feminine silhouette with a touch of pure avant-garde.



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