Introducing the New SOL ANGELANN BIKINI Limited Edition Collection

The Dubai-based designer Anna Chybisova is one of those unique people who attract success to everything her talented hands touch. In 2020, together with her partners, Anna created an international brand of luxury swimsuits and spa clothes SOL ANGELANN BIKINI. It immediately gained the success and the love of the clients around the world! And now, SOL ANGELANN BIKINI presents a new limited edition collection.
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The collection includes classic bikinis, trendy swimsuit monokinis, tunics, mesh dresses, as well as a luxurious set of a bandeau top and long skirt. SOL ANGELANN expands the boundaries of beachwear and raises it to the level of Haute Couture. The original design and exceptional quality, relevance, and exclusive brand shine with the SOL ANGELANN crystals - the harmony formula of SOL ANGELANN BIKINI.

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Swimsuits by SOL ANGELANN BIKINI are equally appropriate during the day on the beach, at noon in the shade of the cool bar on the seashore, and in the evening - at a pool party. The items in the collection complement each other perfectly. In such a way, a bright plunge swimsuit can easily become a bodysuit in combination with jeans or shorts, and a bandeau top will be appropriate under the summer jacket. 

The color scheme of the collection is as diverse as a rainbow, from deep black (Night Dubai) to neon lemon (Sun of Capri). It includes in itself all the shades of red (Palm Beach's Sunset) and blue (Santorini Blue), as well as an elegant white (Sand of the Maldives) and last, but not least, a noble metallic (Party in Ibiza).  For every taste, for any mood, and for any beach there is a well-thought-through option! It is not for nothing that each color of the collection bears the name of one or another fashionable resort of the world.


Each swimsuit is high art, a harmony of the unity of cut, texture, color, and shine. Each one is distinguished by the absolute sexuality of beach fashion and the signature style of SOL ANGELANN brand - the shine of crystals. All SOL ANGELANN swimsuits shimmer like the glare of the sun in the mid-day heat, each one shines with hundreds of crystals, in each one, it is easy to feel like a star. 

Let your summer be luxuriously shiny!

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