All About Georges Hobeika Paris S/S 2020

If you are working in the fashion industry - fashion week for you is more like delayed flights, sleepless nights and 25/8 working mode, if you are a lucky one, you probably will find some time to cry-call your mom. But it's all worth the game when it comes to runway. Georges Hobeika transforms his thoughts on 2020 through ruffled fabric flourishing in overflow and embroidered petals on suits. Big hats, flowers (LOTS) and flowing material are making the rest of our tempted heart literally melting.
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Have you ever woke up on a Sunday morning feeling compulsive desire to wear your best, rare hat, of which your friends probably embarrassed and go downstairs to a small cozy cafe to grab some coffee and flirt a little with a waiter? Well now you have a total right for it, we must say - you HAVE to make it your wake-up routine. We definitely find Georges Hobeika's hats perfectly fitted for that sort of ritual. And as the designer said, that his inspiration was taken from "the ecstasy of freedom and the philosophy of entertainment" - we couldn't agree with the life statement more.


Not sure whether it is champagne bubbles or sparkling dresses, but we are certainly catching a Great Gatsby vibe. And not the heartbroken one, but the spirit of live music, dancing till dawn and an ode to joy and liberty. The energy of a thrilling party comes with a look. We are prepared for summer nights, what about you?


We are glad, that Georges Hobeika is in our boat of "what do you mean too much?" team. The color palette of the collection makes you wanna dream and love in it. The real dresses that smacked you out of reality. These are the fits we want to see on red carpets. 

Are we talking BRIDE? Because here is the cherry on our pie. 
There are two kinds of women in the world, those who want their wedding to have a royal kind of type (little kids carrying around flower baskets, hats, hats, hats, big church, and THE DRESS) and those who want but cannot admit it or just don't know how to make it without going through the twelve hell's laps and back again. Georges Hobeika made it easy for you at least with one task. And by the way, we love the feeling of sinned Virgin Mary.




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