On the fast track: Ferrari's first fashion collection

Everything you need to know about Ferraris first fashion show.
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Maranello, Italy: Ferrari's first fashion show celebrated its premiere at the beginning of June. The luxury car company now also makes fashion and presented its exciting expansion for the first time.

Creative Director Rocco Iannone is behind the collection. His work is already familiar - until 2017, he was head designer at Giorgio Armani, after which he moved to the menswear brand Pal Zileri and worked there as creative director. On the catwalk, some famous model faces presented the Ferrari looks - among them Natalia Vodianova, Cynthia Arrebola and Sara Grace Wallersted - which have already been seen on some well-known magazine covers and catwalks.

The human body is the root in which the mechanics of covering it and making it move fast have their origins. Fashion and car making collide, in many ways.

From luxury cars to luxury fashion. As with their cars, Ferrari also attaches great importance to everything being produced aesthetically and with high quality when it comes to clothing. It was precisely this commonality that was to be demonstrated in the first fashion show in Maranello, Ferrari's production site. The world-famous car dealership was founded in this very city by the former racing driver Enzo Ferrari. His first cars were first aimed at racing drivers, but were also sold to wealthy businessmen to make more sales and thus came to enjoy the prestige that the luxury car company still cultivates today. 

"The human body serves as the origin for everything - as well as for mechanics. With clothes we cover it, with cars we make it fast." - read the Ferrari manifesto for the collection.

Ferrari as a holistic lifestyle concept

Will we see Ferrari fashion at fashion weeks in the future? One thing that is clear from the collection is that the clothes appeal to a young generation that is always on the move. We recognise the colourful logos, the patterns and cuts that are very reminiscent of other big street style brands.  The collection can be described as a mix of sportswear and chic casual. You can see a clear mix of neon colours and primary colours as well as black, white and grey.

The street style aspect is recognisable in pretty much every outfit - the looks are ready to wear. Will this be Ferrari's style? Clothes ready to wear, so that you can be on the road with your Ferrari (car) in the matching outfit.

Those who want to watch the whole show can do so here in the YouTube video:

Ferrari Fashion Show



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