FIRUSAS supports Austrian designers with online sales

The Viennese multi-brand lists regional brands on its platform and helps to achieve initial success online.
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Vienna has always been a flourishing centre for fashion in Europe. Inspired by epochs of unique art, Viennese chic became known far beyond the Austrian borders. With beautiful shops and a large customer base, many regional brands have enjoyed great success in recent years. However, during the pandemic it became clear how vulnerable the business of many regional brands and designers is. Their livelihoods are now under serious threat, especially if ecommerce is not yet part of their income.

With more than 30 years of experience and more than 10 opened stores for women's fashion, the Viennese company "4 Jahreszeiten" was able to experience the change in the retail trade first hand. Only last year they successfully opened their own webshop FIRUSAS. With an innovative IT infrastructure and a young, digital team they are now ready to grow and expand their designer portfolio. In contrast to many other multi-brand online stores, they do not want to offer only the international brands. Rather, the team wants to stay true to their roots and offer regional designers a platform to grow. The motto is: more success together!

FIRUSAS has now announced that all talented Austrian fashion designers can submit their portfolio. Together with the designer and without any fees, the team will take care of the online presence. Be it the professional product photos, the description or the inclusion in the upcoming advertising campaigns. They want to give the designers international attention and celebrate their successes together.

Interested fashion designers can apply for a place in the FIRUSAS portfolio at


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