Lipgloss: An Irreplacable Beauty Tool

Lipgloss is the perfect beauty product, which creates a special make-up look in a few seconds. Discover the new cosmetic brand which has launched lipglosses in 10 fantastic colors!
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KISHA Cosmetics

People have always had their own ideal of beauty but what is it that makes a face look beautiful? At the moment there is a greater preference for fuller lips in our society. Fuller lips may appear more attractive in women because they are more sensual and highlight her face shapes the most. 

Beauty products are every girl's best friend forever. Cosmetics enhance women's features and help them increase their confidence and look glamorous. Doubtless, a lip gloss is every girl's go-to friend. After years of testing and experimenting in the beauty world, the founder of KISHA Cosmetics - Kim Gloss, decided to create her exclusive make-up brand. She has paid attention to many important aspects: a cruelty-free, German production with high quality. Kim Gloss wanted to create a sensual make-up look and emphasize women's natural beauty. Every woman is beautiful in her way, and the most important thing is the right emphasis of her individuality. This is precisely the principle that KISHA Cosmetics has set as a goal for her cosmetic brand.

Lip gloss by KISHA Cosmetics makes girls' lips look lustrous and shiny and hydrate them for about ten hours. Adding vibrant and colorful lip glosses on the lipstick always look killer. KISHA Cosmetics has not only glamourous lip glosses in 9 different colors but also matte liquid lipsticks. A few years ago it became a new megatrend: Liquid lipsticks that have a liquid texture but not shiny. 

Matt liquid lipsticks will show every bit of dead skin, crack, and cranny because of their drying effect. Our recommendation: To ensure you're working with a smooth surface, you'll want to make sure to exfoliate the lips before application. A simple oil and sugar peeling will do the trick.
One of the most significant advantages to matte liquid lipsticks is that they tend to have stronger staying power than glossier shades that inevitably transfer every time you eat or drink. We also recommend you to use a powder and lip liner in conjunction with the matte lip color. Finally, the good news: this year KISHA cosmetic launches the new comings: lipsticks, eye shadows, and highlighter!


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