Labo unveils two new, very exclusive fragrances

Perfume with a fragrance available only in one city. No sales online. No telephone order. No exceptions. This is what the niche perfumery, Le Labo, offers with its City Exclusive collection.
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Labo is a French brand of slow perfumery created by Edouard Roschi and Fabrice Penot . More than just a perfume shop, the shops are designed as true laboratories in perfumery, open and transparent. By going to the store, you will have the opportunity to feel and touch the different raw materials before leaving with your perfume mixed by hand by the artists. A real experience in itself.

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In addition to a worldwide collection of seventeen unisex niche fragrances , Le Labo also offers a collection of unpublished perfumes: City Exclusives . These very (very) exclusive fragrances are handmade from A to Z and are only available in the city to which the fragrance is dedicated. No sales online. No telephone order. No exceptions. However, once a year only, these exclusive fragrances are available for sale worldwide.

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Two new fragrances are added to the City Exclusive collection: Tobacco 28 and Bigarade 18 . The first is an intense sensual blend of absolute aromatic tobacco, opulent oud wood and invigorating cedar, creating a sensational experience with Miami's opulence. The second is a blend of bergamot and high quality neroli flower containing musk and synthetic ambergris. An ode to Hong Kong reminiscent of the scented port where the old and the new meet, a metropolis full of nostalgic memories mixed with white flowers and citrus, topped with a sense of discovery and grandeur.

1566582533309407 le labo fragrance bigarade18 100ml 405.00 euros1566582531020642 le labo fragrance tabac28 100ml 405.00 euros
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The Le Labo City Exclusives collection is available from September 1st to 30th in the Le Labo Antwerp shop ( Wapper 18 in Antwerp), from € 108.

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