Four make-up ideas for Halloween, if you decide to celebrate

The team of Elena Krygina, makeup artist, blogger and founder of Krygina Cosmetics and Krygina Studio, shows how to do makeup in the last minute, which will replace the entire costume.

Wet Smokey Aiz Khaki

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1542643754537547 kryginacosmetics13

Color imitation of feathers

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1542643755244640 kryginacosmetics21

Black glossy eyelids

1542643755417398 kryginacosmetics31
1542643755552410 kryginacosmetics32

Add to the previous version of the yellow spray - and you get a completely different image

1542643755715081 kryginacosmetics34
1542643755936521 kryginacosmetics33

Photo: Ilya Kaner

Make-up: Firyuza Neverova , leading makeup artist Krygina Cosmetics

Hair: Tatyana Zhilkina , hair master Krygina Studio

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