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Osaka by Fiori Company

“We came up with a scale of measurements to forget about our immeasurability” - this Lucy’s quote from Luck Besson’s movie was the inspiration of the collection. “We have the power to change the rules and laws” (also a quote), decided Konstantin Kondakov, Fiori creative director, and created a collection of bouquets, establishing his own laws.
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If the flowers were a unit of human intelligence, one could responsibly state that Osaka's laconic-futuristic bouquets use 100% of floral intellectual abilities.

Osaka is a game of associations that you can touch and, which is especially cool, you can give them. They can express your attitude to a person or a situation, but do it “in a superhuman way” - with particular subtlety and global meaning.

Why Osaka? - you ask.

In the fashionable, modern, elegant, neon-rainbow metropolis of Osaka, all Asian world tendencies are born, and its inhabitants are characterized by a special feature recognized throughout the world: they are very bold. As in the expression of their own thoughts, and experiments.

This is a separate country of the rising sun in the country of the rising sun.

Osaka bouquets are a reflection of Japanese philosophy, which differs from European one by greater metaphor and feeling. In each moment of the bouquet design a deep meaning is hidden, “subtle shadows of bamboo on bamboo”.

In the Japanese dictionary there is a multidimensional word "Yugen", which came from Chinese philosophical treatises and it is not translated unambiguously. This is "a hidden knowledge", "a mysterious beauty."

To create a collection, Fiori creative director had to look into the famous treatise of Japanese playwright Zeami - “Notes on the flower of style”, written in the 15th century. Now we can give not just a bouquet, but “something that is hidden behind the petals”. Osaka is about the subtext, and not blunt senses.

Konstantin Kondakov, the creator of the collection, took into account all the nuances of the fluidity of the meanings of the Japanese philosophy, but wrapped them in a rainbow "petrol" paper "Super rainbow", which formed the basis of associations with neon signs, Lucy movie and the spirit of the modern metropolis.

Santa Dimopoulos - singer, beautiful lady, world champion in fitness, the embodiment of graceful unconditional freedom - became the muse and the face of an innovative, bold, sometimes shocking collection.

In order to deeper understand the meaning of the collection and the idea that it contains in its DNA, you need to look at the heart of Fiori - the flow chart of making Osaka bouquets. This is a separate huge document, which includes detailed instructions on packaging, selection of colors, filing and hundreds of thoughtful details. Imagine that the collection even has its own dictionary, and the ribbon is tied to a bouquet strictly in accordance with the technology of tying the belt from the kimono.

Iridescence. Play of colours. Neon. Conciseness. Asia.

Each word adds its own important nuance to the collection and creates the main emotion - a feeling of exclusiveness and naturalness of the owner of the bouquet. Each bouquet of the collection tells the most important thing about its owner.

She, like Osaka, is futuristic, but at the same time natural. Like Japan - unknown, but delightful. Like karate - fast, but smooth. Like neon - attractive and bold.

The rest meanings put into the bouquet by Fiori Flower Artists - directly depend on the chosen flower.

According to the concept of the collection, in Osaka bouquet a flower can be of only one type, but different colors are allowed. Most commonly used are eustoma, latirus, anemone, wanda - names themselves are slightly futuristic, aren't they?

Osaka bouquets are laconic, but at the same time, they have many subtle details - they are like different facets of the same feeling, enveloping the entire collection.

According to Konstantin Kondakov, Osaka’s chief ideologist and developer, Fiori opens a completely new chapter in its own history with this collection. The stories of the creator of large concepts that have never been created before. The concepts that contain a deep meaning of expressing your most hidden feelings through flowers and shapes. As it is impossible to say with words.

The revolutionary collection - in its profiling association. The girl who will become the owner of any Osaka bouquet is special, marked, extraordinary. She is loved by default. This bouquet became a sign of absolute feelings expressed in flowers.

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