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L'Officiel Go To Tip: Opening of AREA on the Ring in Vienna

Time to reschedule your Thursday evening plans and write down a new Area store opening at 7 pm. Long story short, it is going to be a couple of hours in heaven if you are the one, who shares with us an opinion, that our home represents our personalities no less than clothes or makeup.
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Remember all these tiring walks with your parents, as you were a child, around endless furnishing maze shops, that looked like halls in Kubrick movies? Leave it there.

A new store is more than 300m2 and will be located on Schottenring 12. Ready-to-Help design experts will be on a hand to advise you and make your weirdest Bauhaus fantasies come true. It is like a childhood Lego dream turned into adult life, but prettier and not plastic! What can be more exciting? 

Company founder and owner Eduard Peter Mayr enthusiastically informs and describes their group mindset as "a young, design-oriented and passionate team, which looking forward to supporting Vienna in the creation of identities that have become space." Here is the fact: forget all old boring furniture shops. The idea is an inspiration and that is what Area is bringing in their store. The main goal is to offer experiences, break boundaries on a classical design, renovate and make new possibilities for living.

In the urban space under one roof will take place such brands as Vitra, USM and Nils Holger Moormann to show the long-standing mutual appreciation between the companies. A perfect concept created with the DNA of all three brands combined together. But it is not the and of representation of Area. They took a word on offering experiences and they meant it, so for you to be able being picky enough, a comprehensive portfolio consists of brands such as Artek, Carl Hansen, Prostoria and many more. 

Personally, we cannot wait for a fresh breath of air in the interior world!

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