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If your furniture were only from Gucci ...

... then your apartment would look something like the temporary Gucci Décor store in Milan.
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Go through the large glass doors at 19 Via Santo Spirito, then you will not only enter a house, they will enter another world. The world of Gucci . Spread over two floors, you can experience the charm of the Gucci Décor collection. This conjures up an eclectic and romantic aesthetic, creating a space in which your own creativity can unfold optimally.

It is not worth a visit simply because you do not have the opportunity every day to admire a house entirely furnished in Gucci. The temporary store, which remains open until June 2019, also offers exclusive sales that include the porcelain collection, some pieces of furniture and decorative items. If the trip to Milan did not work during the Salone del Mobile, then maybe over Easter. Your house will be happy.

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Gucci Décor Store, 19 Via Santo Spirito, 20121 Milan



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