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Exhibition tip: Seascapes by Jennifer Burtchen

With her first interdisciplinary exhibition Seascapes, the Berlin artist Jennifer Burtchen undertakes an attempt to approximate the natural phenomenon of water using various artistic approaches and perspectives.
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Jennifer Burtchen's large-format, radically empty drawings depict water as a huge, static mass at first sight. Seemingly endless juxtaposed, narrow lines illustrate the speed of the water masses on closer inspection. The dichotomy of statics and movement provokes irritation in the viewer, undermining its desire for identification.

The absence of the horizon line, the abstraction into clear forms with clear contours and the monochrome surfaces provide the force of nature with an immediacy that directly confronts the observer and at the same time holds up a mirror.

In pictures of the physical properties and especially of the constant lurid power of the sea, the paintings of the young Berlin artist negotiate the category of the sublime.

The Impasto emphasizes the reflection and mobility of the element, the layers of paint interpreting the rocking surface of the water, creating the impression of constant movement.

A sculpture with porcelain-smooth surfaces, clear forms and partly random arrangements playfully deals with the unpredictability of foaming masses of water, the rhythm of the waves and the endless expanse of the sea. The arrangement of the forms within the sculpture are unique and not reproducible.

In addition, two photographers , Tilman Brembs from Portland, USA and Delaney Allen from Berlin, are invited to position themselves with their work on the subject of the exhibition.


Jennifer Burtchen's Seascapes will open on 11 August 2017 at 20:00 and will be shown until 19 August 2017 (daily from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm). Rosa-Luxemburg-Str.16, Berlin-Mitte.

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