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Christian Dior's Guiding Star

This man has saturated the strict post-war fashion with a feminine air and the chic. A New Look – a gentle image of the "flower of a girl", lush layered skirts, elegant jackets le Bar, thin waist-bent lacquer straps, fabric pattern "polka dots", pumps with heels, brooches for suits and pokes. And the scents... the very first of them was "Fragrance of love".
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Christian Dior has swum in the ocean of fashion for 10 years only, but that was enough for a bust. His path towards honor has been challenging: trying to find himself in different professions, personal dramas and the loss of ones he loved. Perhaps that's why he began to take trust in the signs of fate: predictions, horoscopes and talismans. Before visiting the industrialist Marcel Boussac, who could provide financial assistance for the fashion House Foundation, the future couturier turned to the fortune-teller Madame Dolaye. She prophesied him money, recognition, success, and her prophecy came true very quickly. But before the fateful meeting that changed Dior's entire life, one more event had happened that assured him of the talismans help.

Guiding Star

Once in the street, near the British Embassy in Paris, Christian picked up a small five-point star – be it a piece of brooch or an ordinary trinket. But it was on that night that he met Marcel Boussac, who, in the end, allocated funds for establishing the Fashion House. Dior took his find as a heavenly sign and made it a personal amulet.

Lis of the Vallées

It is Lily of the forest - so romantically called in French Lily of the valley, the favorite flower of the couturier. He considered it his lucky charm. They say that on the eve of shows the master sewed into the folds of dresses sprigs of lilies of the valley for good luck. And himself he did not part with this delicate flower, decorating his jacket buttonhole with it for demonstrations. Later Dior created a collection of costume jewelry, the main motive of which was an exquisite brooch in the form of a sprig of Lily of the valley.

Oval and Bow

Christian Dior admired the style of the XVIII century, considering it the embodiment of luxury, spirit of feminine , boudoir sensuality. And one of the striking distinctive features of the era is the shape of the oval. The master's art is abundant in this elegant symbol: chairs with oval backs for shows, frames and panels in the interior of boutiques, fragrance bottles. And today the oval with the Fontange bow is one of the peculiar symbols of the House of Dior.

The couturier had other favorite talismans - the wind rose, which decorated the living room of his parents' house in Normandy; the rose flower, which was a favorite for his mother; the bee, because his Studio on the Rue Montaigne he often called a bee hive; the heart as a symbol of love and life; clover with four petals – the manifestation of luck.

The House of Dior even now cherishes the master's traditions and lovely appeals to his brilliant ideas. The famous fragrance Diorissimo embodies the air of the Lily of the valley, a collection of zodiacal jewelry made of gold and mother-of-pearl, talisman rings with couturier's favorite amulets . Christian Dior's personality has been inspiring designers to date, bringing success and recognition to the Fashion House he founded.

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