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Banksy: The Art of Graffiti

Banksy is a British artist, who proves that graffiti can be called ART. His anonymity makes people appreciate his artworks, without thinking about the background of them and the author's life. Because of the Banksy's popularity, we can deservedly call him an influencer.
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Banksy is not only the painter but also a film director and political activist. He is the most famous graffiti artist in the world, who became known due to his unique style of Graffiti using stencils and putting a deep meaning to the paintings. His first artworks were spotted in England and then they spread around the world.  The ability to hide and save the intrigue around himself only wakes up more interest in his performances. 

People can indefinitely bet if works of Banksy are masterpieces or just vandalism. Notwithstanding his artworks are exposing in the best galleries and museums of the world and are selling for millions of dollars. 
For example one of the most popular Banksy's picture ' Girl With Balloon' was sold at the Sotheby's auction for 1 million £ in London in October 2018. What is really interesting, that even a regular auction Banksy turned to performance. So after the painting ' Girl with Balloon' was sold, the shredder inside of the frame turned on and cut the half of the painting. 

1555328935276496 sothebys image love is in the bin shredded
Courtesy of Pest Control Office, Banksy, Love Is In The Bin, 2018

Banksy stated at his profile in Social Media, that he embedded the shredder a few years ago, in case the painting will ever get to auction. He also added a quote of Picasso "The urge to destroy is also a creative urge." After this situation ' Girl with Balloon' changed its name to 'Love is in The Bin'. 

The influence on the people and the popularity of Banksy grows every year more and more. His artworks appear on the clothes, dishes and other objects. Tattoos with Banksy's graffiti are not rare but became some kind of trendy movement. Not to lag behind the trends, we want to show you some of the most popular artworks of Banksy. 

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