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Audrey Hepburn and her influence in fashion

On Friday, the 4th of May she would have been 90 years old. Dedicated to the birthday of the fashion icon of the 20th century we want to remember how she influenced the fashion world and the best films with Audrey.
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  • Audrey Hepburn was a friend and the muse of Hubert Givenchy. He designed her famous black dress from the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. After this film, the brand «Tiffany and Co.» has become extremely popular. 
  • Audrey also inspired Givenchy to create a perfume. So, he made her a present before the sales started. Though her answer was "Interdit", which means "Prohibition", we can enjoy this amazing fragrance today. That’s how the name of the Perfume was established - "L'interdit"
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  • The creator of the Little Black Dress was Coco Chanel, but after Audrey Hepburn started wearing it everywhere and most of the time the dress became extremely popular. Therefore we can say that Ms. Hepburn brought fame to the classic black dress, which became a "must-have" for every fashionista. 
  • Do you remember the movie "Sabrina"?  The dress  Audrey Hepburn wore, has an interesting décolleté. After this film, the quadrangular décolleté obtained the name - Sabrina. 
  • Likewise, the dress with A- silhouette without sleeves and including long gloves was one more weakness of this incredible woman. She used to wear it in a combination of the wide curved brim « The chapeau du Matin». 
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1/2 : A- silhouette dress without sleeves and with long gloves ; « The chapeau du Matin»; 3. Shot from "Sabrina"

Audrey also had a passion for masculine items of clothing. For example, in the movie « Roman Holiday» she wears a white shirt man's style.  Cropped classy trousers and ballet pumps were real must-have for her. She was not afraid to wear comfortable and casual clothes, even though some people would not call it either girly or elegant. Audrey had a talent to look amazing and very stylish in everything. This woman had a talent to look marvelous and very fashionable, whatever she wore. 

To see the obviously incredible unique style of  the iconic Audrey Hepburn we would like to recommend you to watch the following movies:

• Funny Face

• Roman Holliday

• My Fair Lady

• Sabrina

• Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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