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Interview with Ryan Reynolds

Detective Pikachu's voice in cinemas this Thursday
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As a family man, waiting for his third child from the actress and wife Blake Lively (the "Serena from" Gossip Girl ") Ryan Reynolds put his head right and hung (for the moment) the suit of the most unfair superhero ever, Deadpool, on the nail.

In "Pokémon: Detective Pikachu" lends voice to the protagonist, the beloved pocket monster with which entire generations have grown, ready today to see the first live action of the saga at the cinema (the film will be released starting May 9).
"I can't wait for my daughters to see it in the cinema, they still don't know it's me, even if the biggest one has understood that it could be me, but it's not yet convinced".
In addition to being a sex symbol, using humor in an unconventional way on social media (the feud with Hugh Jackman has become a real third millennium soap opera) Ryan Reynolds has become the highest paid actor in Hollywood, and a father of an enviable family, so much so as to be able to shoot movies (not only for stellar caching), even to be a better father.


Interview with Ryan Reynolds

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