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Celebrate spring on the Swarovski method

A sparkling group invites you to the positive and follow your dictates #FollowYourInstinct

The new Swarovski Spring 2019 series revolves around sparkling in a new style by encouraging you to be positive and unleashing your own personality and following what your event dictates and all under the #FollowYourInstinct logo. This season the group presents memorable symbols, brooches that symbolize protection, sweetness and rare comments that give you the sparkle and meaning we all look forward to in life. The palette comes in rich and quiet colors, including gold, pink, and natural shades that are glowing with distinctive mark. The Spring Collection offers a brilliant blend of those looking for a symbol of luck, love, wellness, growth, positiveness, strength, or just a stylish style.


See some selections from the collection at the following photo gallery:


Source: Swarovski


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