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Emotional Values at Bucherer

Like its wearer, jewellery requires character! Jean-Luc Hardmeyer, Jewellery Director at Bucherer Fine Jewellery, explains how this is re ected in his design aesthetics and how to bridge the gap between modern and classic elements.
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Jean-Luc Hardmeyer, Jewellery Director at Bucherer

“Luxury watches and jewellery with charac- ter” is one of your catchphrases - how does this translate into your product range?

Jewellery is associated with emotions and customers choose their pieces of jewellery based on subjective criteria, alongside objective criteria, of course. We take this into account and o er many different collections that appeal to the different styles and emotions of the modern woman.

How would you summarize the aesthetics of your in-house label?

The design team creates new and modern classics for every Bucherer Fine Jewellery collection. According to the “less is more” mantra, we also tend to translate our basic design ideas into the simplest possible designs.

How do you achieve a classic look that still reflects modernity?

When developing design ideas, we always focus on the real lives of modern women – their daily life situations and emotions. That alone ensures for the resulting, contemporary designs.

What trends do you see developing here?

Modernity and thus design tendencies in jewellery do not change as quickly, but in 3-5 year waves. The current tendencies are towards more delicate jewellery, with clean designs.

Is the complexity of the craft still something that a young target group appreciates?

Yes absolutely. Young customers are also enthusiastic about craftsmanship. Although young customers also wear costume jewellery, the appreciation of fornoble metals and valuable gemstones are absolutely there.

Bucherer is represented in several countries including France, Switzerland, and England... What are the local preferences and differences?

We do not see any significant local differences within Europe. Every customer is an individual and wants a piece of jewellery with which he or she can identify.

Do you see buying preferences that you would describe as being typically Austrian?

Opulent, large pieces of jewellery will always have their place in history, especially in Vienna on social occasions. Younger, commercially successful women, in particular, pamper themselves with jewellery that emphasizes their personality. What is required here is not something that one would refer to as being “bling-bling”, but a variety of colours – natural but still chic?

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“The current trend in jewellery refers to pieces that are fun to wear in everyday life and can be combined in many ways,” says Jean- Luc Hardmeyer. The “Peekaboo” cocktail rings are an example of this.

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