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The Fashion System Was Antiquated and Broken: Interview with Edgardo Osorio

Aquazzura designer Edgardo Osorio demands fundamental measures and a change of pace. His lessons from recent months are nevertheless positive, the current mood reminds the Italian of the time after the Second World War and the flourishing of Italian dolce vita.
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Creative director Edgardo Osorio used the standstill for reflection. He sees the future of fashion in the luxury segment and within an approach that also allows consumers to participate.

Italy was probably the country worst affected by the Corona crisis in Europe – how did you experience the time and the mood in your home country?

I was able to see the effects at a very early stage as I was in Milan when the virus first hit, showing my new collection to buyers. From one day to another, we had to shut down our operations, and all our international clients fled the city. But as time passed, Italians became positive and resilient, and the country is now slowly flourishing once again. You saw such incredible signs of kindness and togetherness all around.

Many of your colleagues and trend researchers demand radical changes - what is your vision for the fashion world?

The fashion system was antiquated and broken. It desperately needed change, and not many were taking the steps in the right direction. Covid-19 has accelerated the need for that change, and we are finally moving in the right direction. We were creating too much, producing too much waste, and running too fast. Fast fashion is unsustainable and needs to change yet, on the other hand, luxury takes time. It is good that people realize that producing better-quality products but fewer products as a whole, at our own pace, in the future.

What new forms do you see when it comes to presentations, instead of fashion weeks?

Fashion shows needed to change. I think the future of fashion presentations needs to be more inclusive and centered around the customer.

Among other things, you used lockdown for digital content creation. Have social networks perhaps brought us closer together during this crisis, despite the distance?

Technology has made the world small. We can now connect and share our work, love, and passions with anyone interested in them. I want to share my dreams, my inspirations, as well as my happiness and positivity with the world.

Some experts say that the pandemic has disenchanted the professional image of influencers, as they could no longer report on travel and glamorous parties. Do you agree?

It’s terrible to generalize, but I think with this pandemic, the focus has shifted to people who have a real voice, people who have talent, people who inspire us.

What lessons have you personally learned from the crisis and the accompanying standstill?

Isolation is a great time to reflect on your life. It has made me realize that sometimes we push too much, run too fast, and it’s good to be alone with ourselves and reboot. It has made me realize how much I love and appreciate my work and how being in contact with people makes me happy.

Photo: Aquazzura



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