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Gennaro Tella Shares the Top Five Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial success is a result of funneling down years of learning. Effective communication, overcoming obstacles and accelerated growth are the essential elements for every business owner. Here, the founder of Attitude, the number one sales management company in Italy today, Gennaro Tella, shares the top five qualities of a successful entrepreneur.
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1. Passion over talent

What makes a manager and the employees under him truly remarkable is not latent talent or unutilized potential, but the quality of passion for the work they do. “During a setback, logically questioning and changing the norm can result in much-needed improvement,” adds Tella.

2. Progressive outlook

A stagnant business is one on the verge of collapse. Tella elucidates how important it is always to have a plan of action with an arrow pointing forward and upward. “The incessant desire to improve is what drives the business toward success in the bigger picture,” he says.

3. The art of strategizing

Irrespective of product, service, or sector, Tella’s sales management company has reached the top by showing the importance of a short-term and long-term strategy. Whatever niche the business may be in, they position themselves purely through the development of their sales strategies.

4. Regular amendments

“Like any good business strategy, yours should also be evolving with the times. Observe the consumer requirements and adapt your business methodologies accordingly to always be in the win,” explains Tella.

5. Resilience above all

Whether it is a period of recession, political or religious unrest, or simply a bad season in the marketplace, Gennaro Tella shares that an entrepreneur must have unshakable resilience. “There is a fine balance between resilience and flexibility needed to adapt to the dynamic demand-supply trade-off,” he concludes.

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