Anna Chybisova - The Story of a remarkable brand & woman

Everyone has a dream, but not everyone dares to follow it into the unknown. Our heroine is one of those people who confidently follow their dream, while at the same time inspiring women around the world to listen and hear themselves, follow the call of their hearts, and succeed no matter what.
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Anna Chybisova, being a successful notary, having her own business and a well-predicted professional future, did not hesitate to take a risk and therefore completely changed her life. Anna gave up a prestigious profession, for her dream, which truly fascinated her, brought joy, pleasure, and made her head dizzy just like expensive champagne - success in the fashion industry! Anna fully immersed herself in the world of fashion, design, expensive fabrics, stunning accessories and found her special style, which successfully embodies incredibly sought-after, feminine, and elegant models of her own fashion brand Maison d'AngelAnn.

This is Anna’s first interview revealing the successful rebranding of her Maison d'AngelAnn brand and receiving a $9 million investment from The Gate Business Services. Anna also shared her favorite fashion looks and tips on how to choose the best image for a business lunch on a sultry afternoon, a glamorous night out with friends, or a romantic dinner.

What are the key aspects of rebranding that have led to such a serious financial investment?

For more than 6 years, we have worked hard to create the reputation of one of the most successful fashion brands and during an incredibly difficult time of the pandemic, we did not give in to the panic. We focused all our attention on improving the quality of fabrics, templates, increased the size range, diversified the color palette of our new collection, and carefully selected a team of professionals, all of which together provided such an incredible result!

Amidst the dire situation of many of our colleagues, our sales have increased. With the new managing company and impressive investments, we plan to strengthen our position in the Middle East, Europe, and conquer the American market.

Tell us a bit about the new collection. How do you plan to please your clients?

The major message of our brand is that a woman can always remain elegant, feminine, bright, and gentle, regardless of her profession, age, or occupation.

We tried to create a collection, which will allow our clients to assemble the right image, for almost any occasion and any weather! We have designed an amazingly beautiful coat made of eco-fur, which will keep you warm and at the same time allow you to be elegant. Another new addition is the creation of beautiful flowing dresses made of pink bridal and silk satin, which will retain their flawless appearance for 4-5 years and will not lose their relevance! Our midi length and sheath dresses emphasize the femininity and sophistication of our charming clients in an absolutely flawless manner. 

In the new cruise collection, which will be presented very soon, on July 1, 2021, we used the red color palette for evening outings, as the red color is a symbol of life, passion, and love.

How do you manage to guess the trends and wishes of your clients with each new collection, providing increasing sales volumes? What's your secret?

I devote a lot of time to self-education and use every opportunity to increase personal growth. I study the history of fashion and style, biographies of great women who have influenced fashion in one way or another.

Additionally, I analyze the results of my team's work, as well as our competitors, but still, the decisive factor is my intuition. Fortunately, this lady never lets me down!

Owing to your perfect sense of style and absolute taste, you were named the most stylish Russian business lady in Dubai. Could you please share with us your preferences when choosing an image for your outings?

I'm a fan of fashion brands like Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli, Hermes, Chanel and I’m always very careful when choosing accessories, colors, and textures. In hot weather, I wear flax or prefer light flying fabrics that allow me to feel not only beautiful and sophisticated but also guarantee absolute comfort.

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Balance and harmony are essentially important to me in clothing, and in life in general, so everything in my images should be perfect - fabric quality, the elegance of a silhouette, and comfort.

Of course, there are a lot of flowing Maison d'AngelAnn dresses in my wardrobe, without which it would have been simply impossible to exist in Dubai. The wrap-dresses, in powdery colors and with a light floral print, look perfect both on the beaches of Dubai and during business meetings at DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center). The beach tunics are an absolute #musthave and everyone needs one in their wardrobe! And of course, our cocktail dresses, sheath-dresses, and evening gowns will perfectly fit occasions such as family events and dinners!

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Where do you live?

I live where my work is. It's Dubai in winter, Paris in spring and autumn. You simply can't do fashion and not live in Paris! The capital of fashion inspires and gives the necessary useful links and experiences that are so necessary for the fashion business. I prefer to spend the summer season in Los Angeles. Beverly Hills and California in general are a true paradise!

I'm always learning and improving myself. Maison d'AngelAnn brand is also changing along with me! It's becoming better, more stylish, and multifunctional. The pieces from the brand are easily combined and this gives our customers the opportunity to create different incredible images.

What places would you recommend for holidays in May?

Of course Dubai! Magnificent hotels, such as Jumeirah, Four Seasons, Bulgari, and many others are already getting ready to meet their tourists. For those who want to get the most out of this spring holiday, a convenient flight with Emirates Airlines will quickly and comfortably take you to the Maldives, to the true paradise!

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