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Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen: Family First

The heart of this Danish jewel is a busy and loving family that is dedicated to creativity, and to each other. Three generations of jewelry designers.
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Always anxious to stay young at heart and enjoy life to the fullest, the family takes time to engage in creative, musical and playful spaces to immerse

The must-have for this summer? An elephant pendant in yellow gold and diamonds. Lovingly crafted in a sparkling pavé of 536 diamonds with a tourmaline water drop or in hand-satinated 18-carat gold with a water drop decorated with diamonds. The gentle giants have always fascinated Ole Lynggaard, whether as a drawing on paper, in clay or in the savannah of Africa. For the creative jewellery designer, the imposing mammals symbolise wisdom of life, steadfastness and tradition. These are the values with which he has run his traditional Danish company since its foundation in 1963. 

So it is almost sixty years since the house presented its first jewellery collection. Without knowing that his two children would develop a passion for the business of high-quality jewellery, the founder, Ole Lynggaard, was delighted when they both expressed the desire to join the family brand.

Ole Lynggaard's children and their spouses form the second generation of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN and today run the daily business. Daughter Charlotte Lynggaard is chief designer and creative director, son Søren Lynggaard is the CEO of the company. Son-in-law Michel Normann is on the board and daughter-in-law Hanna Lynggard is the retail manager. The third generation supplies the brand with spirited innovations and gradually finds its place in the business.


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Family First

The secret of the brand?  Family comes first. The jewellery follows closely behind in second place. But not with less passion.

Because this is a key word in the world of the Lynggaard family, because jewellery is passion. Sharing this passion and letting it fly over nations and continents is at the heart of the whole company. The designers work passionately on the meticulous details behind each piece of jewellery. Every gemstone and precious material exudes passion. The task is handled with passion at every step of the marketing process. Passion is in the eye of every salesperson and business partner. It is reflected in the beautiful collections.

Every detail of the brand is about quality. Master craftsmanship is carried out in the company's Copenhagen workshops. Forty master goldsmiths strive to impress an extremely quality-conscious public, making the brand the largest jewellery workshop in Scandinavia.

Not for nothing is Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen the official supplier to the Royal Court of Denmark. The popular lotus and snake rings and the Nature line are just some of the products on offer. A family history of more than 50 years, where handmade jewellery is imbued with true naturalness. The family itself has preserved this as well.

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The multi-faceted and loving lifestyle of the Lynggaards is expressed in transformable jewellery that adapts to the individual style of each woman who wears it

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