Interview with Rita Ora: Her style, her glasses and what freedom means to her

Rita Ora is one of the most famous music stars on the planet. For the Austrian company Silhouette, she now answered L'Officiel Austria's questions. She is currently wearing the models of Silhouette's 2022 sunglasses collection.


"Symmetry is boring after all": Olivia Szmidt from GetFaceFit explains to us why

As part of the Zalando Beauty Haus in Vienna, L'Officiel Austria spoke to Olivia Szmidt from GetFaceFit and talked to her about the latest trends, the hype around facial symmetry and self-care.


Catrinel Marlon x L'Officiel Austria: It is Cannes-Time!

Before she was discovered as a model at the tender age of 16, Catrinel Marlon was an athlete. She has kept her determination and is now walking the red carpet in Cannes and in front of the camera for L'Officiel Austria.