About pearls and feathers: Kevin Germanier's first runway collection is available in May

Kevin Germanier celebrated his very first fashion show in Paris. His enchanting Autumn/Winter 2022 collection consists of bright colours and vivid shapes. The wait is over, as the eccentric designs made of pearls, sequins and feathers will soon be available for purchase.

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Saying Goodbye to "L'Officiel Austria" Founder Svitlana Lavrynovych

With this condolence message, the "L'Officiel Austria" team expresses our deepest sympathy in the bereavement of the editor of L'Officiel Austria, L'Officiel Monaco and L'Officiel Cyprus, Svitlana Lavrynovych.


Beauty Editorial: "Wild Child" by Marina Prinzi

One thing united the glam rockers: fancy stage make-up. In homage to this era, photographer Marina Prinzi and make-up and hair artist Alessandra Semisa have combined the essence of their inspirations.

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Dyson goes bionic: Air-filtering headphones or mask?

The pandemic has changed some habits. Including how we move in public. Dyson has taken advantage of this cultural change and presents a new product.